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HRIS Systems in the Philippines

Businesses all around the world are keen on implementing measures to help them become more efficient, and consequently, more profitable. With the advancements in technology and the development of various business software solutions, no business wants to be left in the dark to try and figure out how to optimize their operations and one of the areas where corporations invest heavily is in the human resource management, and this is where HRIS systems in the Philippines comes in.

What is HRIS System?

HRIS, the abbreviation for Human Resource Information System, is also known as Human Resource Management System, HRMS. It is a software solution designed and developed to help human resource departments and professionals with tasks related to data entry, data tracking and data information which is necessary for the smooth and efficient management of the human resource operations of the companies.

The main purpose of an HRIS system is to facilitate workflow, improve the efficiency and to enhance the collection as well as the storage of data relating to the company’s human resource. It is possible to customize the various components of an HRIS package to suit the specific needs of an organization.

Solutions offered by HRIS Systems to Businesses

There are a number of solutions businesses get when they invest in a decent HRIS system in the Philippines. Some of these include recruiting, compliance, payroll and training solutions. Most of the high quality HRIS systems will come with flexible designs featuring versatile databases that can be easily integrated with a wide range of other business solutions already in use by most businesses. They also come with the capabilities of creating reports and analyzing information accurately and quickly to enhance the management of the HR.

With the benefits of a reliable HRIS solution, the human resource administrators will realize significant savings in time and energy that would have been expended towards dealing with tasks that may not be strategic for the growth of the business or tasks that don’t necessarily need the administrative side of the human resource department.

Different Types of HRIS Systems

The last two decades has seen a great evolution in the domain of human resources management, and this has led to the introduction of various types of HRIS systems in the Philippines. Businesses now have the versatility to choose solutions they think are the most suited for their HR needs or to simply have one customized to give them the specific functionalities they need. With that said, here is a look at some of the different HRIS systems you can potentially consider for your organization’s needs-:

Operational HRIS

Operational Human Resource Information System is what the human resource managers use to obtain the data for supporting routine and repetitive HR decisions. A typical operational HRIS system will include the following components-:

  • Employee Information System – this is used to keep track of every employees records and every relevant professional data including name, sex, address, education level, marital status, and past professional experience amongst others.
  • Performance Management Information System – just as the name suggests, the performance management information system contains productivity information and performance appraisal data for all the employees. This is what human resources will resort to when they need to give evidence in matters related to employee grievances.
  • Position Control Information System – this is primarily for identifying each position within the business. These may include the job titles within each level as well as the employees holding currently assigned positions. With this, the HR manager can easily identify the details about each position as well any positions that may be currently unassigned.

Tactical HRIS

Tactical Human Resource Information System is what helps the human resources departments with the data they need to support the decisions they make when it comes to the allocation of resources. Some of the practical areas where Tactical HRIS is used include making decision dealing with employee recruitment, design decision, job analysis decisions, employee compensation plans and in employee training and development decisions. Some of the components of a Tactical HRIS include-:

  • Job Analysis and Design Information System – the inputs into this component of a Tactical HRIS include affirmative action guides, data from supervisors, and data from external sources relating to an employee such those obtained from government agencies, competitors, and labor unions.
  • Recruiting Information Systems – for proper recruiting functions, it is imperative for the organization to have a properly designed recruiting plan. Such a plan is normally aimed at addressing gaps such as the skills required and the positions to be filled. It is with the help of a recruiting information system that human resources departments are able to come up with concrete plans and strategies on how to find new talents for the organization.
  • Compensation and Benefits Information Systems – this system is for supporting various tactical human resource decisions, especially those that touch on the compensation and the benefits of employees.
  • Employee Training and Development Systems – this is another vital aspect for the human resource department necessary for the employee training and development. It helps the businesses in coming up trainings designed to provide the maximum benefits to employees based on their talents and experiences.

Strategic HRIS

Strategic HRIS helps in supporting workforce planning, and labor negotiations with the main aim of giving the organization an overall idea about the resources and workforce planning. A typical HRIS system will feature the following-:

  • Specialized Human Resource Information System – this is designed primarily for the management functions of the human resource and it can be a comprehensive package with all the functionalities or it can be customized to provide only certain applications relevant to the organization.
  • Information System Supporting Workforce Planning – this is for organization dealing with long term strategic planning like those with intentions of getting into new markets, establishing factories in new regions or introducing new products into the market.

Comprehensive HRIS

A Comprehensive HRIS features an integration of all the above systems into one package so that businesses and organizations can use one solution for all their human resource needs. A comprehensive HRIS will include components such as skills inventory files, OSHA files, human resource files, position files, job analysis and design files, and many other relevant data relating to the human resource department.

Top HR Systems for Small Businesses

For most small businesses, the HR software is usually nothing but a few spreadsheets and a great deal of paperwork stashed in some office cabinet. This is because most of the small businesses believe that an HRIS system is only for the big dogs, but this is never true and contrary to the advice given by the experts. It is recommended that so long as you have employees in your business, even if you have just two, then that should be sufficient for you to invest in a decent HRIS system in the Philippines for your small business.

Other than the obvious benefits, using an HRIS system for your small business will save you from common penalties and fines as well as non-compliance with government regulations when it comes to human resource management. This is not to mention the precious time you will save from bothering with a lot of the admin work since the application will automate a lot of the HR tasks and activities. If you feel like investing in a decent HRIS system for your small business, here is a look at some of the top options worth considering:

Top HRIS Systems for Large Companies

Big corporations and organizations are highly concerned with their human resource management, and due to the complexity and nature of their operations, it is not humanly possible to run a smooth human resource department without the help of an equally sophisticated software. But the good news is that the industry is not in lack of quality HRIS that can help such large organizations and corporations get the most out of their human resources.

Here is a brief look at the top performing HRIS systems in Philippines for large companies:

Quadrant Alpha’s QWORK HRIS System

QWORK is one of the leading HRIS systems in the Philippines and it is a cloud-based solution which provides both small, medium and large enterprises with a wide range of applications needed to realize smooth day to day running of the human resource departments. Irrespective of your human resource needs, QWORK will give you all the insights necessary to have a comprehensive overview of your HR operations, and help you gather and analyze the data needed to make solid decisions for the growth of the business.

Additionally, it is possible to customize QWORK so that you have access to only the modules you feel you need the most for the management of your human resource. With this, you get the versatility to oversee and manage a myriad of transactions necessary for harnessing the full potential of your human resources, including benefits, strategy, compensation, recruitment and selection, compliance with government HR regulations, safety and employee satisfaction. And with the various available options, you don’t have to worry about affordability since with the available price ranges, you will get the package that will be rightly suited for your business.