About Us

Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions, Inc. (QAlpha) is a Philippine-based software development company that provides branded software for business as well as fully-customized software that can cater to any organization’s need. We are a local company founded on passionate, talented individuals with a global perspective, robust software architecture and developments and a strong work ethic on delivering quality products and services. Our deep business experience and heritage coupled with our IT expertise makes for a better client experience as we understand the issues better and sets us apart from our competition.

Our goal is to provide value through our IT solutions. We are a young and dynamic company that listens, engages and innovates. We go into the grass roots and uncover your problems, responding to all your issues in the organization while managing the project seamlessly. Our brand of customer service and project management is pro-active and personal and leaves no worries to the owner and higher management.

  • Industrial Alcohol manufacturing: Raw, Denatured,
    Head and Tail, Bio-ethanol and Bio-diesel
  • Branded Alcohol manufacturing
  • Industrial Vinegar Manufacturing
  • Branded Soy sauce and Vinegar Manufacturing
  • Food Ingredients Manufacturing
  • Bottling, Repacking and Toll-packing
  • Trucking and Logistics
  • Importation and Distribution of Imported FMCG products

All of our companies are part of the top 15,000 companies in the Philippines


Quadrant Alpha is a team of skilled software experts who are committed to providing cutting-edge and comprehensive developments. Our industry expertise enables us to provide our customers with the best service that suits their needs. We, at Quadrant Alpha, aspires to help enhance our customers’ business growth and gear them towards success.


Quadrant Alpha aims to become a top and innovative partner of choice by providing comprehensive, cohesive and quality software solutions.


Our Client experience is wide and varied as we have tackled large corporations from several industries:

  • Retail

  • Food and Beverage

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics and Trading

  • Real Estate and Government


QA is Built on Quality and Long-term Partnerships

We understand that any successful partnership should be collaborative and reliable. Hence, We consistently provide value to our clients and ensure quality in every project across our operations and continually innovate, measure and manage our ability to ensure your success.

QA is Fueled on Innovation and Learning

As a company that values ideas and a different way of thinking, we consider flexibility and adaptability as our strength. You can be assured that our team can find your issues, manage the problems and provide solutions and address your needs at a timely manner.

QA OFFER THE BEST software for your company at best price and flexible payment terms

We strive to deliver excellence and always surpass your expectations – all to ease your mind. As we said, we are here for YOU.


The best is delivered only with the right partners. Strategic alliances and lasting partnerships allow us to grow with our clients by continually expanding and pursuing first-rate solutions.


Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions, Inc. proudly partners with industry leaders, integrating with a wide range of technology. We work closely with our technology partners and developed extensive experience, strong skills and vendor certifications to simplify deployment and create value-driven solutions. Together we deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and continued business growth.