Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions, Inc.


We, at Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”), are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that subscribers and non-subscribers, do experience and enjoy our offered cable and internet services and likewise make inquiries regarding said services, in a secure and safe manner. The Company developed this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) with the objective of ensuring compliance with the applicable privacy laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines, including but not limited to Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “Data Privacy Act”), its implementing rules and regulations and rules, regulations and the relevant issuances of the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines (“NPC”). This Policy governs the collection, sharing, recording, updating, modification, retrieval, use, retention, and disposal of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information gathered from, Quadrant Alpha Website and System Registrations, and various communication channels such as phone calls and social media sites, among others. By applying for subscription or by making inquiries regarding any of our services, accessing the Company’s website (https://quadrantalpha.com/), participating in our marketing and promotional activities, availing of customer service by calling and sending a message through our website, and various social media sites, and continued use of the Company’s products and services, you indicate your consent and acceptance of the terms of this Policy. Under the Data Privacy Act, persons whose personal, sensitive or privileged information are collected, stored and processed are called “Data Subjects”. Institutions which deal with this information are duty bound to uphold the rights of Data Subjects, as well as to adhere to general data privacy principles and the requirements of lawful processing. Thus, we hereby provide you with our Privacy Policy that will guard the safety and care of all the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information that we gather from our customers or Data Subjects.