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Warehouse Management System

A one-system-fits-all approach to business is not ideal, since there are different processes that differs in a company’s operation. That is why business owners tend to go for a customized system that would fit their business and operations. Customized Software allows a business to properly address a particular company’s needs, preferences and expectations.

Quadrant Alpha offers customized software, one of which is Warehouse Management System. Now, what is a warehouse management system? It is a software that allows an organization to control and administer warehouse operations from the arrival of goods or materials to exporting. The system guides inventory receiving, optimizes picking and shipping of orders and guides on stock replenishment. It provides method to visibly track your inventory from any location and at any time. Warehouse Management can be a standalone system or part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The system involves processes that are important in exporting and importing, as well as segregating materials and integrating it with other systems in the supply chain to make sure the transparency of data throughout the enterprise.

Depending on your requirements, industry, and size, QA’s Warehouse Management System can help you manage your warehouse effectively. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you acquire our software:

  1. Increase inventory accuracy – provides up-to-date and accurate stock information, as well as improving stock control and inventory tracking
  2. Reduce Expenses – a well-designed WMS based on your industry’s needs reduces expenses in operations in many ways
  3. Provides Transparency – through this system, you are able to provide better transparency with clients, warehouse staff and department heads
  4. Improves Customer Service-  deliveries are on-time with fewer shortages and stock-outs
  5. More Efficient Labor-Management – creates a broader understanding of the workforce, it also determines the best employee to assign for a particular job
  6. Improved Relations with Customers and Suppliers – with high visibility of inventory and the ability to schedule the receipt of shipments, both supply and demand chains are optimized

QA customizes the system based on what your company needs. It gives you better control over your inventory and makes sure that customers will get their products on time. QA also ensures that the system you are considering has the right capabilities for your needs.

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