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It is no surprise that the pandemic continues to have an effect on industries today. Because of the limitations in human contact, the complexity of human resources has been harmed. As a result, corporations and organizations must have a contingency plan in place to keep their operations going. Digital transformation and automation are two of the most in-demand transformations today. Many organizations automated their processes and have seen great results.


Every business should have an HRIS framework in place today to ensure productivity and effectiveness. As companies adopt remote work systems, HR departments can find it difficult to keep track of each employee. This digital transition ensures that the remote workforce is under control, thanks to HRIS.


In every business, the human resources department plays a critical role. During the pandemic, HR personnel has emerged as key players in every company. They provide and enforce best practices not only for the organization but also for their workers. HR functions can be reduced with the use of an HRIS, allowing the department to concentrate on more critical activities and employment.


Having an effective HRIS during a pandemic has various advantages such as:

  • Simplified time in and time out for employees
  • Centralized storage of employee data and company performance and better monitoring of HR activities
  • Always available and accessible on any web browser, even on android phones
  • Faster and easier filing of reimbursements and leaves
  • Updating employees’ data and information is easier


As workers continue to unlock flexible ways of keeping it running, business processes have changed massively. Digital tools are now in demand and have great support for remote work systems. Adapting to these digital platforms may not solve all business problems but can greatly ease work tensions and provide a to the HR Department.


HRIS becomes a crucial tool for business automation and optimization. It has been an indispensable platform to achieve a high level of effectiveness and efficiency as to human resource management functions. Choosing the right HRIS System for your company can be a little tricky. It must be able to support all of your business’ demands and needs. It must align with your business structure and must preserve the integrity of human resources practices.


Quadrant Alpha has been working hard for several years to create an HRIS system that can tend to all of your business needs. Quadrant Alpha created software that centralizes the HR Management functions and effectively automates your HR processes. With QWORK-HR, we don’t just provide software, we provide you a team that will work with you on all your HR worries every step of the way. QWORK-HR can cater to any business regardless of size, class, and industry.


Here’s what you can get when you acquire QA’s QWORK-HR:

  • Have a holistic view of your HR department through an HRIS Dashboard
  • Be informed and aware of the real-time information under the HR department
  • Paperless operations
  • Seamless data storage
  • Automatic notification of deadlines and if actions have not been performed
  • Employees man enter the system even without bothering the HR
  • Shortens tedious business processes.


QWORK-HR is your end-to-end solution to all your HR needs, backed up with our skilled software experts. When it comes to your HRIS needs, don’t hesitate to contact Quadrant Alpha.

QWORK-HR is the answer to all of your HRIS needs.

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