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Level up your Business with Service Management System

What is Service Management System?

Service Management System is a group of systems that incorporates all or most aspects of a service-oriented organization or business. This management system includes planning of ideas, constructing strategies, implementing policies, documentation and processes. It is also the main source for the development and design of a business to meet the business needs professionally.

The system allows a business to monitor the different services offered and conducted for the clients. The main goal of the Service Management System is to make sure that the appropriate services, technology people in a company or business are in the right place to achieve the goals of a business.

In today’s modern time, it is easier to manage your services through modern technology especially with QA’s Service Management System, here’s why.

QA’s Service Management System offers you:

  1. SERVICE SCHEDULING – come up with an effective management workforce, get a complete service schedule, tasks, work orders, assets, timesheet and more. Service Scheduling gives the managers, supervisors, and dispatchers the tools and main interface that they need for them to increase the proficiency and efficiency of their workforce.
  2. MANPOWER MANAGEMENT- balance the manpower of your business with the costumers’ demands and the company’s service objectives. Manpower Management is completely responsible for managing, controlling, monitoring, structuring and organizing operations which includes the people/staff of your business.
  3. CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT- have complete access to the essential customer information, activity history, contracts and more. Customer Management helps businesses to stay connected with their clients or customers, processes and improve profitability. Also, this makes information about customer interaction available to anyone in the company, in case they might need it.
  4. REPORTS- define reports from a range of criteria, save, search and share. A business can easily make reports about certain aspects of your business.

Having the right Service Management System helps a business to keep track of their day-to-day processes and operations such as client transactions, schedules of providing services and more. This improves the quality of service, improves customer satisfaction, prevents too much spending of money, possibly scarce and reduces workloads. Service

Management System is all about making your business perform better and have an efficient and smooth run.

Quadrant Alpha caters Food Business and Residential and Commercial Services companies that want to maximize their operations, control and manage costs, create and manage databases and improve efficiency within their organizations. This management system surely lets your business level up.

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