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Hybrid Work Model: Ideal Way to Future-proof Your Business

Hybrid Work Model: Ideal Way to Future-proof Your Business

Remote work became popular even before the pandemic started. However, due to the threat given by the COVID-19, working from home has become a survival tool that helped businesses thrive and continue their operations despite strict health protocols. On the other hand, vaccines were being distributed globally, and infection rates are now getting lower. For this reason, companies are now opening and adapting the Hybrid Work Model.

What is a Hybrid Work Model?

A hybrid workplace supports a distributed workforce of in-office and remote work. It can allow employees to have different schedules of working from home and on-site. Some companies allow their employees to work full time remotely or in-office. Alternatively, there may be designated days when all employees are required to attend in-person meetings.

In general, the hybrid workplace enables employees to schedule work around their personal lives rather than around fixed hours logged into an office. This is the ideal combination of productive work, better stress management, and reduced travel time for many organizations.

If you’re considering this work pattern for your company, we listed down some benefits you and your employees can experience:

Amplifies Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

A hybrid workplace values the employee and promotes work-life balance. It can also help employees feel more comfortable returning to a public workplace or taking public transportation.

Another factor is the level of your employee’s autonomy. Their happiness will increase if you give your workers complete freedom and decision-making over how, where, and when they will do their duties.

Increase in Productivity

Typically, there has been a general perception that allowing employees to work from home would decrease productivity. That has been proven to be false. Indeed, remote employees are frequently shown to be more productive than their on-site counterparts.

A hybrid approach enables employees to work to their strengths, which increases productivity. By fostering a culture that considers remote work a viable alternative to performing high-concentration tasks in the office, teams may give a healthy balance of creativity and cooperation. Some employees require privacy to concentrate or who thrive in an office atmosphere can work where and when they are most effective.

Reduced Operational Expenses

A hybrid work environment is also more cost-effective. Organizations can save money in property and office maintenance expenditures by reducing their dependency on large-scale offices.

Since you can increase your employee’s satisfaction, this can also result in cost savings associated with staff turnover and the related fees linked with finding a new suitable candidate to fill the role. The increase in productivity of your current employees results in higher-quality tasks done for your clients and increased profits for your business.

Additionally, workers can utilize their resources more wisely because they are not distracted by the familiar office environment or forced to commute during rush hours.

Establish Your Digital HQ with Quadrant Alpha

Survival in the new normal requires periodic modifications and discovery of what works best in the long run. Hence, creating a framework that best represents your organization’s performance is the key to creating a successful hybrid workplace.

This hybrid work model can be quickly done when you automate your business processes. From your hiring process to your inventory management, Quadrant Alpha has something for you.

QA can provide comprehensive automated software that can be useful when you decide to switch to a hybrid approach to the workplace. We are also using a cloud-based system that can safely store all your business and employed records. What are you waiting for? Let’s schedule a demo to start the future-proofing of your business with QA!