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How Do You Track the Time?


A remote work system has been in demand today due to the scare of the pandemic. The past months have been challenging for everyone, that includes businesses too. So how do you stay connected with your employees? How do you keep on track with your business?


Many companies today implemented flexible work arrangements to continue business operations and to keep their employees safe. And by using technological innovations, you can at least ease the impact of the crisis. Having software that helps you keep on track of your employees’ work will help you and make your staff more productive.


Quadrant Alpha offers ready-to-use and ready-to-deploy Payroll and Timekeeping Software. Record your employee hours accurately and digitally and process payroll quickly and easily. Now more than ever, having accurate Timekeeping software will help your business avoid time-theft, unauthorized overtime, buddy punching, and human error. It will also spare you from the tedious process of attendance checking.


QA’s Timekeeping software allows employers to keep track of their employees’ work, even in real-time, ensuring that their people are doing their assigned jobs even with remote supervision.


QA’s Payroll and Timekeeping software also allow employees and employers to have their salary processed online. Employees can also have a record of their salary and see if they get what they worked for. Having a centralized platform that provides reports and fast generation of data will immensely help a business. Assure that the calculation of salary and benefits is accurate and up-to-date.


Timekeeping Software provides reports in which the employers can use in assessing the performance of their employees. Make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the tasks that they need to do.


Aside from the mentioned benefits above, here are more benefits in acquiring Payroll and Timekeeping Software from QA:

  • Allows employees to check-in and check-out remotely and for employers to manage attendance
  • Reduce paperwork, no need to manually file for leave and request forms and wait for the manager’s desk for approval
  • Allow staff to see work holidays and announcements through the dashboard
  • Records of annual leave balances can be viewed by the employees, therefore reducing questions from HR
  • Provides documents online such as company policy etc


Quadrant Alpha didn’t stop even during quarantine. Our team was able to withstand the test of time through our software. If our company was able to make it, you can too! It is through the software that allows us and some of our clients to continue business operations. Our team uses Payroll and Timekeeping daily for attendance checking and generating payroll.


In these trying times, it is also a must to keep your employees safe while they work. Keeping them secure in their position in the company and assuring them that they get what they deserve for their hard work is also one of the things a company must consider. Message us now and automate your business today.


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