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Boost HR Functions

Boost HR Functions with QA HRIS


Without a doubt, Human Resource has been one of the most important departments in any organization. As it evolves, choosing the right HR and Payroll software is critical to help empower your employees and make HR processes faster and more efficient.


While most companies are under remote work, managing Human Resource processes can be tedious and a handful. With most employees working from home, how you handle their time and payroll are crucial. If you’re still utilizing sticky notes, spreadsheets, and papers to keep track of personnel information and communicate schedules, an HR system could be a great help for your business.


Here are some features of QA’s HRIS:


–      HR Information Database- QA’s HRIS is cloud-based. All employee data are stored in an information database that HR can access. The system can eliminate or reduce the need for hard-copy employee files. Keeping the information about the employees and company can be organized and easy to access.


–      Timekeeping and Payroll System- HRIS allows your business to keep your employee data integrated with payroll data. Monitoring your employees’ workload and attendance is made convenient and easy.


–      Accessible to Employees- Employees are allowed to view and make changes to their information. They can submit time-off requests, file for leaves, and time in and time out through the use of their own mobile devices as long as there is an internet connection.


–      Evaluation and Performance Review- Appraisals done by papers can be a hassle and are somewhat limited in effectiveness and efficiency. Due to HRIS, performance information is collected, and the managers can tap into this information directly from the system.


– Benefits Administration- Through HRIS, benefits enrollment can avoid confusion and wasted time. Employees can see the status of their contributions on the employee profile dashboard.


–      Form Applications- Applying for leaves and other forms are made easy with HRIS. Forms are available in the software, and the employees just have to put the necessary information and file it.

As we continue to face the harm of the pandemic, we must maximize every opportunity to make our lives better and safer. As the heart of every business is its employees, employers must also keep in mind to prioritize their safety and ensure them with their stand in the company. Being transparent with the employees through the help of HRIS will keep the bond strong and will boost productivity within the workforce.


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