Local IT expert shares top 8 Philippine business software trends

Local IT expert shares top 8 Philippine business software trends

by Benteuno.com

Technology is transforming how Philippine businesses are being run and the way people work. Everything, from sharing and getting information, to the way decisions are made, are a lot easier, faster, and more exciting now. As a result, businesses, or even ordinary people, are becoming more and more dependent on computer software and apps to get on with their lives, including the delivery of services and engagement with stakeholders.

Some of most important software trends to look out for in the Philippines.

1. Mobile development – Because of the increasing number of smartphone ownerships and mobile Internet usage, more businesses will look at how they can maximize the use of mobile technologies to interact with the market. More companies are turning to mobile apps for their operations, sales, customer relations, manufacturing, etc., noting that forward-thinking corporations are shaping their websites and customer service processes into mobile apps-friendly web pages.

2. E-commerce – On-line sales and marketing are presently at a high growth rate as consumers embrace the digital lifestyle. Businesses are joining the consolidator e-commerce sites, such as daily deals, delivery sites, promo-based e-commerce, listing websites, and others. Also, they are establishing and converting their websites into cash centers by adding e-commerce features. “Businesses with e-commerce websites are equipped to increase their sales by at least 5-10% as they create new channels to generate profits,”

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