It Takes Two to Be Better

It Takes Two to Be Better

Anyone running a business know that it takes a lot of work and time when it comes to scheduling and tracking employees’ working hours. Approving and importing data to hours into payroll, even the process of managing timekeeping can be unwieldy.


Manually recording and tracking labor costs impacts your productivity and efficiency, it could be an HR’s worst nightmare. Having a cost-effective software that would turn your manual processes to automated cuts down on the time you spend managing labor costs. Automating these processes also helps prevent costly data entry and avoid mistakes.


Timekeeping Software helps you save time on your labor processes, it also cuts down the chances of time miscalculations. QA’s Timekeeping is equipped with biometrics, it checks the number of hours your employees work from time in to time out. It also reduces costly mistakes. Having a software that provides accurate and consistent data saves you time and money by reducing the likelihood of mistakes.


As your business grows, it can be challenging to keep up with all your employees’ records, especially your time and payroll data. But with QA’s Payroll and Timekeeping software, everything is stored in one place. Especially now that we are under a pandemic, most workers are forced to do work from home set-up, it is highly recommended for you to have a software that would allow you to keep track of your employees time and work. It is also beneficial for employers to have a system that would help them process salary without physical interactions.


How do timekeeping and payroll fit together? Simple. Employee hours are a necessary part of running payroll. Without knowing the number of hours your employees work, it is hard to figure out how much to pay them. An accurate system for tracking work hours is crucial to a smooth payroll process.


Through QA’s Timekeeping and Payroll Software:

  • Billing and Accounting Data are Accurate
  • Reports of Performed Work are timely
  • Leaves can be applied Online
  • Better Work Management


Timekeeping and Payroll must come hand-in-hand. As they say it takes two to tango, one is responsible for the other. Better to have a software that would help you be at ease and assure your employees that they are getting what they worked for. Providing transparency is also a must for your employees to have a better work environment and morale.


QuadrantAlpha offers significant help especially in this time of the pandemic. We make sure that our Timekeeping and Payroll Software are cost-efficient and our IT specialists will ensure your software and data are safe.


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