Quadrant Alpha: the Local Go-to for Start-Up Lead Business Software Innovations

Quadrant Alpha: the Local Go-to for Start-Up Lead Business Software Innovations

by Karina Ramos in Business | Technology on October 11, 2016

In today’s digital era, can you count the number of things that you do in a day that depends on technology? From the tap card that you uses in your everyday transportation, ATM card that you uses to withdraw some cash, and the debit cards you uses in your purchases; all of these are made possible by technology. Individuals depend on technology for a convenient way of living, so as the businesses. They rely on business software to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately.

It is said that most of programmers and information technology workers behind global brands such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft are either Indians or our fellow Filipinos. The question now is, can we access such top-caliber computer skills and services without depending on these global tech brand mammoths?

Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions INC.; a Philippine-based software development company, promises to answer the said question with a “yes”. It is in addition to the Filipinos given the skill set and the right amount of entrepreneurial spirit.

QAlpha sets itself apart from its competitors through their understanding of client needs on a business level and translate that into software solutions that make the client’s business more efficient. Their unique proposition that lies in their brand of client service: when clients have concerns, you can be assured that the project management team can get back to them.

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