Top 8 Philippine Business Software Trends

Top 8 Philippine Business Software Trends

By Gabriel

Technology is transforming how Philippine businesses are being run and the way people work. Everything, from sharing and getting information, to the way decisions are made, are a lot easier, faster, and more exciting now.

This phenomenon is a worldwide trend, and Filipinos are not far behind. At the forefront of this development in the country is Mr. Ash Co Kehyeng, founder of Quadrant Alpha, a Filipino-owned IT solutions company that specializes in bespoke software (software that is custom-made for a particular client). Since the company started in 2013, he has witnessed how businesses have adopted to the changing times, as indicated by their changing business requirements.

Co Kehyeng shares some of the most important software trends to look out for in the Philippines.

  1. Social Media Integration – Filipinos love the social media, and businesses are using this to their advantage. Businesses use the social media for advertising, tapping into customers, as well as a venue for selling their goods and services. The trend in social media integration can also be seen at the workplace, where employees are looking for ways to make their work easier through the social media.
  2. Greater cybersecurity focus – With the convenience of online transactions comes the risk, hence, greater attention on cybersecurity has been noted. Although businesses can turn to third party providers or a dedicated in-house IT team for cybersecurity, they also need to examine their infrastructure, networks, and employee and staff usage activities through the employment of customized cybersecurity software that can work through company systems.
  3. Cloud based data – Although many Filipino businesses are still reluctant to embrace the things that the cloud offers, there is a growing number of enterprises that have recognized its many advantages – it is platform ready, scalable, flexible, allows anywhere and anytime data extraction, and coordination, gives instant security, feature updates, and reduced support and hardware needs. This could save businesses millions in time, money and other resources, Co Kehyeng emphasized.

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