Payroll and Timekeeping Made Easy with QA

Payroll and Timekeeping Made Easy with QA

When a business starts to take-off and you hire more employees, there’s no way to avoid the hassle of processing payroll. Knowing their attendance can give you more stress due to fraud and inaccuracies. Manual payroll involves working over spreadsheets, manual calculating of various types of payment and writing out checks by hand. That’s why upgrading to an automated payroll and timekeeping system is one of the best ways you can save on resources.

Payroll refers to the process of calculating and distributing wages and taxes, while timekeeping refers to monitoring employee attendance and information management.

Handling timekeeping and payroll is one of the most important aspects of the HR unit of a business. This is beacuse aside from distributing pay to each employee, government remittances should also be remitted before deadlines to avoid penalties. Thus, it is vital for a business to have and utilize proper and accurate timekeeping followed by maintaining integrity in payroll.

Quadrant Alpha offers ready to use Time Keeping and Payroll System. Through these software systems, attendance checking and employee information management can be done accurately and effectively.

An automated Payroll and Timekeeping improves management services, and since QA’s software is canned and ready to use, implementation is quick. With just a click, generating payroll can be done in an instant.


QA’s payroll software can also do the following:

  • Simplifies payroll functions by keeping track of the hours the employees consumed for work;
  • Helps in the computation and filing of withholding taxes, salary deductions and the overall computation of employee wages;
  • Records vacation leaves and sick leaves of the employees;
  • Generate reports and
  • Automated which doesn’t need much effort and time, most especially during paydays.

Through this payroll system, employees are able to request time off, check their payslip and review their attendance. Approving time and employees’ time off request is made easy. Thus, there is a high level of accuracy, it increases productivity, and helps lessen the workload of your HR department. QA’s timekeeping incorporates the use of biometrics, which helps reduce unnecessary conflicts between the employers and the employees.

Quadrant Alpha only wants the best for your business. That’s why QA offers you its Timekeeping and Payroll System. Automate your business with Quadrant Alpha now.

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