One click away to your Inventory

One click away to your Inventory

What is Inventory?

Inventory is merchandise refers to goods, products, and materials that a business holds for sale to customers in the near future. It serves as a big storeroom for bigger companies or manufacture who produce massive products or goods and place it in before they deliver it to another warehouse or deliver it directly to the customer.

Inventory should have a plan or management that will monitor the products/goods that are being stored. Inventory owners should have a well-organized inventory house. It should have a proper location naming or knowing the capacity for each location. One of the important things to have if you are managing an inventory house is to have a solid process, knowing all the step by step of each movement.

Having Inventory Management is really important did you know that globally, retailers recorded losses of a whopping $1.75 trillion due to mismanaged. That is why Inventory Management is essential especially to small businesses even to multi-national companies it will prevent you from stockout, you will easily identify the location of your goods and the accuracy of your records.

There is nothing wrong with having manual Inventory Management but it can be very challenging to you and your employee as well as to the productions. That is why Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions developed an Inventory Management System that covers the basic inventory processes to help the company to easily manage their inventory anywhere and anytime.

QAlpha Inventory Management System is designed to capture real-time information of all the goods in the inventory house. It helps the organizations to have an overview of the current inventory status if the product needs to replenish or if the stocks are overflowing. It will cut the manual process and by automating it in just one click you have your record that you can pull out anywhere and anytime. Quadrant Alpha developed this system as user-friendly it can easily adapt or we are the one who will adapt your current process by customizing an inventory system

Qalpha Inventory Management covers from Inbound where all incoming goods that going to be store on the inventory house will be initially recorded here as well as the location and the quantities of the goods. You can record if there is a discrepancy or damage. The system is able to stock transfer if goods are going to another location within the inventory house or different inventory house down to analytics and other reports that you will need.

Learn More about the QAlpha Inventory Management System and check it yourself how in one click away you can manage your inventory. Book a demo now! It will only take 30-45 mins.