One of the top operating shopping malls has also become the client of Quadrant Alpha; a family owned company known in the country especially in the South. Through its 30 years in the industry, they have already build seven department stores and six supermarkets serving every fellow Filipinos and tourists within the area. Upon offering great quality of service to the community, Quadrant Alpha have now had the chance to serve the group for it has given the chance to automate their movie ticketing.

Quadrant Alpha Technology Solutions has taken the movie and cinema facility of the corporate to a whole new level for the group; from its stable and reliable access up to its mobile integration. The Internet-based application obtains fast statistical information from the booking records; making the corporate retaining their competitive advantage from the industry. This lets the business be proficient in their services in terms of its ticketing process as well as its seat reservation with a clear and simple overview of every seat availability in one screen.