Covid-Proof your Business with Automation

Covid-Proof your Business with Automation

It’s no secret that we are in a modern era where most of the things are influenced and run by technology. Technology helps us move forward smoothly and makes processes simpler and faster.

However, no matter how advanced one country is, there are still some cases and situations that even technology can’t handle. Just like what the world is currently experiencing right now: a global pandemic. The virus commonly known as Covid-19 is vastly spreading throughout every nation quickly and many lives are being affected by this situation. As we continue experiencing this pandemic not only lives were taken by this virus but our means of living has also been disrupted.

This situation has made automation of business processes more important. But first, what is Business Automation? It is a process of automation using technology to transform the business’ manual processes using software applications.

Quadrant Alpha offers various systems that help your business especially in times of crisis, and one of the best examples of system automation is our Timekeeping and Payroll System. If you allow your employees to work from home just like what most companies have implemented since the enhanced community quarantine was declared, you could still monitor your employees’ attendance.

QA’s Timekeeping and Payroll System is designed to operate the system using any platform or device, and you can access the system via smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Here are some of the features of QA’s Timekeeping and Payroll System

  • Online Time in and Out
  • Monitoring Employee’s Attendance
  • Filling of leave are online
  • Generating Payroll
  • Automatic Deduction of Government Contribution
  • Employee Masterlist
  • Reports and Analytics

These features come with great benefits for you and your company. Here are some benefits you will enjoy when you choose to automate your business using our Timekeeping and Payroll System.

  • Improved Accuracy – Less mistakes from manual entry mean more accurate reports and reduced time fraud
  • Reduced Costs – Less manpower needed and reduced usage of office supplies
  • Higher Productivity – tedious manual processes are cut down to free up the time of your Admin & Finance department

Having your business automated not only lets your business be more competitive but it also helps your employees keep track of their work hours more accurately. To know more about Business Automation, Timekeeping, and Payroll System and other software, Book a demo now!