7-Point Checklist in Finding the Best HRIS Software Provider in the Philippines

7-Point Checklist in Finding the Best HRIS Software Provider in the Philippines

In recent times, HRIS software has become a crucial part of an organization to effectively manage their process that directly pertains to human resources. Indeed, tracking of personnel activities is essential for any business owner and this usually means developing a software system that’s going to be affordable and properly suited to the needs of an organization. HRIS software provider in the Philippines can deliver real value to a company but it takes proper development to find a custom program that will be effective in your day-to-day operations.

What Value Does an HRIS System Bring to Your Company? 

An organization can see quite a bit of value out of an investment in this software. Tracking HR activities and using an information system that’s effective and efficient for a business organization can help to make sure that a company gets everything it needs out of the software. There are many different tasks that an HRIS system can complete including:

  • Identifying a need for new staff or training. Any company will require an ongoing tracking when it’s time for them to hire and when it’s time to introduce new training so that a person can understand their job responsibilities and work at increasing production over time. Having a proper information system in place that can deliver info on every job within an organization can be helpful for improving on the job training. This computerized system can work to study the overall impact of an expansion or the employees that are required to make sure that peak demand can be satisfied. 
  • Identifying a need for new training resources. The software of this sort can also work at tracking a need for new skills and training resources. The software itself can help the company to make better decisions when it’s time to start investing in training and when it could be ideal to deliver new training and skills that are required to advance various members within an organization. 
  • Compliance assistance. Through the help of a business software, it’s crucial to understand how various employees are going to be treated. Complying with the basic requirements of civil rights law in 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, there’s a need to make sure that employees and applicants are fully compliant in their day-to-day operations. This software can work to satisfy HR functions that can include information on diversity hires and more. 
  • Managing training and compliance over time. If a company has a series of optional or mandated training solutions, HRIS software has a direct path for each employee including a record of all of the training that they have completed. By making sure that compliance is met and by tracking their progress over time, it is possible to make sure that compliance is met and that each employee can receive the training that they need for the best in results. 

Your 7- Point HRIS Software Provider Checklist:

In essence, HRIS needs to have a business software provider that can deliver from several different fronts. Also, making sure that the software provided is ready to work in an HR environment is very important. If you’re going to be investing in software, it’s important that you work to find a program that can deliver on the needs of your business. We have developed a seven-point checklist, including some of the main aspects that any software provider is going to need to deliver in order to maximize the results of the software for their customer. Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are choosing the right software in the future:

  1. Staff Volume

Any good HRIS software in the Philippines needs to cover staff volume and address if there is a need for new hires or even new skilled workers within the staff force of a company. Addressing issues with staff volume can be a good idea, especially with the prevention of various issues throughout the labour force and the chance that there could be a complete slowdown over time. HRIS software can track the ongoing needs of a business seasonally and even make sure to include a variety of insights with staff volume that will lead to improvements while maintaining a labour force when a company is experiencing peak seasons. 

  1. Applicant Recruitment Tracking

The recruitment and training process can be difficult especially without the help of HRIS software. If you are hiring a group of new applicants that all need to go through various skills training, having a program that can track their skills over time can be very important. Applicant recruitment tracking can also help with the overall hiring process. An HR Manager can track some of the statistics of each applicant and determine the skills and background that they have over time. Applicant recruitment tracking in the app can also help with examinations and interviews. 

  1. Reporting

Ongoing reporting is an HR function that the software development needs to have. Reporting can be available to HR professionals on everything from the diversity of the workforce, the skills of a workforce, average salary within a position and more. The best types of Human Resource Information System software comes with advanced reporting on board, making it easier to generate statistics, graphs, and more. Having these visual representations and easy generation of data can help with the process of building up a system of high-quality reporting for future improvements within the workforce. If a company is going to continue revisiting its needs and addressing functions within the organization, proper reporting is going to need to take place.

  1. Payroll & Benefits

Many HR professionals often have to handle the process of payroll and benefits as well. The process of calculating benefits and sorting through benefits packages with payroll professionals can often be a time-consuming process. The good news is that the benefits reports and payroll support items on HRIS can be a big help with improving the efficiency of functions within a company. The features that are available within HRIS software could help with more difficult functions within HR bookkeeping as well. It could be possible to take on payroll and benefits features like delivering cash advances, offering support for a new benefits package, upgrading benefits packages or even features on payroll like investment matching. 

  1. Training & Development

HRIS software is now crucial to the development and training process within many different industries. There are a number of software developers that are now integrating logging and tracking of a variety of training and development tasks to make sure that employees have a streamlined training. Having elements of crucial training all logged within the software can make sure that each employee has a proper development path. Having a module that is available for training and a path for development that can offer the same training method for every employee can be important. Development and training paths for employees and then a log to keep track of the skills that every employee has can be very important for efficiency, expansion and more. Training and development tools can help with covering off shifts, managing holidays, and working to promote from within. 

  1. Employee Interface

With the help of your HRIS software provider in the Philippines, they can make the life of an HR professional much easier. The employee interface within this software can be one of the best ways that an employee can interact with their HR professional. This separate login solution can often lead to areas where an employee can easily book off sick days, manage holidays, and more. Through the employee interface, there could also be various requests published such as new training or automatic scheduling that goes out through the software for upcoming meetings, performance reviews, and more. The employee interface serves as one of the best features of this software for improving efficiency and keeping a level of access for HR professionals and the employees that make up a business.

  1. Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are essential for reporting solutions within a business. The data and analytics that are present in the software can track the ongoing needs of the company and generate data that can be an ideal solution for hiring and more. Inside the data and analytic structure of HRIS software, there can be a variety of insights. Working with this data can be one of the best ways to make sure that a company can stay on track with hiring initiatives, with a need for staffing and other potential issues that could pop up during the course of a review of the company. 

How to Integrate HRIS with ERP

As software development in the Philippines has become a vital part of any business, a number of other software developers have created the future of their products to integrate well with this HR software too. Integrating HR software with ERP or management software can often lead to more insights from this software solution.

ERP is a type of software that’s commonly used for enterprise resource planning. This often has to do with the idea of ordering new products that the company needs, planning for the future with training, as well as providing tracking for management. Integrating the statistics from the software with HR management solutions can often lead to massive improvements and insights without having to spend months logging data within the software.

By integrating together HRIS with ERP, it’s possible to see an instant forecast of all of your resources and how they are affected over time. Integrating the software will also make sure that it’s possible to move data automatically between both of these software types. HR professionals can get access to the data that they need to formulate an opinion from a hiring and human resources perspective, and managers still get access to the data that they need for day-to-day operations.

As the need for business software in the Philippines, such as ERP system, exponentially increases, it could be now possible to use the data for planned expansion to eventually call for assistance within HRIS software for hiring and training that will be required to meet with peak demand.

Integrating these types of software together often leads to a better overall view of your expenses and needs of the business. It leads to better collaboration between HR and management and it can truly help you see the full potential of the software you have for HRIS. 

QWORK by Quadrant Alpha:

For some of the most advanced human resources information systems software on the market, Quadrant-A’s QWORK represents one of the best pieces of software that’s currently available for a business internationally.

This software, which was developed by one of the best software companies in the Philippines can scale to any business size and work as an integral piece of an organization. It covers each of the seven main points on the checklist that we discussed earlier and has advanced tracking technology that can lead to a greater governance of human resources management.

As an HRIS provider in the Philippines, Quadrant-A provides a solution that can provide many business advantages as well as the chance to integrate with a variety of other software solutions. The program is available in a demo mode and with the full licensed version of the program, you can get access to ongoing server and maintenance assistance that will help you to improve the software and manage uptime with the software too.

This is the closest HR solution that you can use to effectively automate almost every HR process. QWORK is one of the only current software tools that are available which could be capable of helping you scale back your HR department while gaining access to more insights than your company has ever had previously. For an affordable license cost and with custom solutions available, QAlpha is indeed one of the best HRIS companies in the Philippines.

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