Beginners guide to HRIS Software in the Philippines

Beginners guide to HRIS Software in the Philippines

Human resource information systems are a special type of software technology that allows HR activities to process through company electronically. HRIS specialists are able to use this high-quality software in order to manage employees, track payroll and manage personnel overtime. As a workforce administration software this type of product can be especially effective at tracking your workforce and effectively scheduling professionals within your business.

HRIS software in the Philippines have become essential tools for many major businesses and with the onboard resources that can be found within the software, you can often deliver powerful solutions that can help to grow any size of business.

Finding the right type of HRIS software in the Philippines is not always easy. There are many new software companies that have released products lately which are changing the market in HRIS software for the better. In this article we will examine some of the reasons why you should consider using HRIS software and the best tools that are available for your needs.

Do you need HRIS Software to Grow your Business in the Philippines?

There are many small companies throw the Philippines that are not focused on the idea of growth with software development and software tools. A number of employers only have a few extra things to worry about like growing their business and securing the finance that they need to get the right people in working with them. A small company could really use some help with the right software and support. If human resource system for many small offices can often make sense even if they have less than 100 employees.

As a company scales quickly, especially in the technology sector if you are planning on expanding your workplace by more than 50% within the next two years an HRIS system can actually work to scale alongside your company. In order for you to adapt to various changes and grow as a company, it’s very important for you to start putting human resource information first and processing through the needs of your company more easily with this software.

A piece of software that is dedicated to record-keeping can help to make sure that all of your employee data can be kept on hand for the future of assessing your business. It can assist so much in the process of expediting HR functions and finally give HR positions the organizational tools that they need to produce a more harmonious results for a business.

Types of HRIS Software to Adopt as you Grow your business in the Philippines

A business will need to grow and change their HR system requirements over time. With options for keeping important documents on hand you can work within HR much more effectively and process through the data of many employees within your company here are some of the main functions that HRIS software can be used for with growing your business in the Philippines:


Having an advanced payroll system will help you stay on top of all types of payroll runs. There’s even types of software that can automate payroll runs based off of set salary rates. Using these types of solution can really help come tax season as well as for reducing the overall cost of payroll over time.

Time and attendance

The process of planning attendance in time often requires multiple spreadsheets and tracking employee hours. With the scheduling of shifts it’s possible to invest for greater attendance with the software as well as start storing reports and information for functionality without the need for HR or management.

Personnel Tracking

Almost every employee within an organization can deliver significant data that will keep you on track as a company. From the process of generating address information to changing titles, having an employee database can be a great way that you can manage resources there at your company and track the career path of potentially hundreds. There can be various errors if you are tracking all of this information on loose spreadsheets. With all of the data in one place, you can have a simplified process for everything from ordering new business cards to preparing for conferences.

Applicant Tracking

HR professionals are often in charge of managing, recruiting and hiring as part of their company functions. With applicant tracking services as possible for recruiters to post ongoing job openings this social media boards, job boards and more. In a way, it makes it much easier for HR professionals to have full tracking on all of the areas where they listed results regarding an open job offer. This can make sure the results can be easily closed after the vacancy is filled. It can also grow much easier to track applicants through the various hiring funnels and start ranking candidates as applications roll in. These types of tools in applicant tracking can really simplify the process of hiring and make sure that a company is getting the best assets to expand.

Performance Management

Tracking performance and timing over the course of your company can really help to keep you efficient. HR professionals could be responsible for establishing individual goals within the company or even tracking individual employee performance. Automating some of these tasks in keeping the data in the same place can help to make sure that all types of reporting are readily accessible for stakeholders and for management. These tools can often lend themselves helpful for improving productivity and for promoting high performers within the company.

Benefits Admin

A benefits administration service can enroll workers into several benefits including their health insurance, 401(k) investment matching and more. This has historically been a big problem amongst HR professionals. Through the use of benefits administration software you can work at streamlining these various processes and tracking the data to make sure that it can be compliant and cost-effective. A good benefits administrator can make sure that the process of tracking and managing costs can all be done in one place.


The use of on boarding software to make sure that all new hires are receiving the right type of training and undergoing the steps that are required for them to become fully fledged employees. The software can include anything from digital signing for important paperwork as well as a checklist for various training items that every new employee needs to go through. These types of processes can help mandate a more comfortable hiring process and create a series of employees who are going to be more productive and more comfortable from the very first day that they are working. These are platforms that many companies are making standard just to make sure that their newest hires are working to provide some of the best results for productivity.

Compensation management

A tool for compensation can help to make sure that a company can reward its most prominent employees. When factoring in many years of performance and having ongoing statistics about a fair wage in the area, it is possible to constantly reassess salaries and make sure that your company can keep its employees. A compensation management tool can answer questions about whether raises are in your company budget, what the local job market is like, how currency fluctuations can affect your industry and the typical wage for someone with the same experience level in your industry versus what you are paying your employees. These types of compensation management can help to make sure that your company can keep its employees employed happily over the long term.

Learning Management

Most HR policies typically have slideshows and classrooms for learning management systems within a company. Learning management built into HR software like HRIS can help to make sure that employees are able to learn a much more engaging environment. Employers can build online training services to help their employees go through a full training program. Within the software employees can then be tested on their knowledge which leads to a greater sense of engagement as well as a far greater retention of the knowledge. This type of training can be highly effective when it comes to making new employees efficient from their first day on the job.

Is it worth it to invest in HRIS Software in the Philippines?

If you still consider the idea of HRIS software and the Philippines to be a large expense, it is important to remember the retention and the informed decisions that you can make using this software. Although investing in this type of software could seem like a vast expense upfront, the tools that are available within the software can actually help to take you in a new strategic direction they could save you massive expenses with your business.

The small investment for HRIS software could prevent the downfall of your company and it can help you to expand faster by having the tools for efficiency that you need for mass hiring, training and more. If you’re ever worried about meeting a demand in your industry, you can always make sure that you have the tools on hand that are required through your investment in HRIS.

This is technology that will help you cut time in an ongoing sense. Rather than having to constantly input and enter data into spreadsheets and other systems within your business, you can have the data inputted once and then constantly evolving based off of the HR professionals who are managing it. You can get up-to-the-minute performance reports for every employee and constantly reassess the state of your company using this type of investment.

So many companies in the industry are constantly re-evaluating their needs on a yearly basis. Having this type of HR software can help to give you a competitive advantage in your industry and make sure that you’re constantly revisiting your processes for profitability on a monthly basis. HRIS can account for any high-level turnover industry or the chances that you are in a peak demand with temporary workers.

Why Choose QWORK, the premier HRIS software in the Philippines?

Choosing QWORK could be an extremely wise choice for your company. This premier HRIS software in the Philippines can be an excellent investment regardless of the size of your business, the size of your human resources department or the type of corporate structure that you have.

QWORK can include a large number of business tracking activities including full employee reports, payroll and timekeeping automation, benefits and cash loans, manpower requisition, planning and HR costs, cloud-based file tracking, HR efficiency and strategy solutions and more.

QWORK is software that’s designed for workforce management, employee benefit management, company strategy and for recruitment. It is a full-service HR software that can handle any of the needs and benefits that a typical HR department would need in any industry. From a software developers Quadrant Alpha, QWORK is designed as one of the best new tools for employee management and more. The program is something that is readily available in a monthly license and it can also be customized for the needs of any company.

As the program is available directly from the software developer, they can make a series of tweets to ensure that the software can be properly branded or customized for the unique needs of any HR department. As professional business software is also available in a demo mode and a monthly subscription format. This can help to make sure that the software can be affordable for almost any level of business. Whether you are interested in expanding your needs as a small company or finally having the HR solutions that you require is a larger company, this human resource information system can provide benefits to you.

QWORK provide ongoing updates and maintenance on their servers and this means that you get not only a software license but a piece of business software that’s going to constantly update with all the latest tools and features. Having access to this level of support and coverage can make sure that your HR department can constantly keep up even with the changing needs of business today.

Choosing software like QWORK could be exactly what your business needs to have a proper strategy for HR and for the ongoing management of your employees.