Why Switch to Automated Timekeeping and Payroll System During The Pandemic?

Why Switch to Automated Timekeeping and Payroll System During The Pandemic?

Since the pandemic started, a lot of businesses switched to work-from-home instead of taking the risk of going to the office. Because of this new set-up, some business owners or HR managers may find it hard to monitor their employees’ productivity since they can’t see them personally. But through automating your business, tracking your employees’ work can be done quickly and easily.


Keeping track of your employees’ time and productivity while working from home is now possible with today’s technology. Through the use of automated payroll and timekeeping systems, payroll and timekeeping processes can take less time to accomplish, with higher percentages of accuracy.

A ready to use timekeeping and payroll system is one of Quadrant Alpha’s (QA) offered services. Here are the reasons why you should switch to automated timekeeping and payroll system:


  • Productivity and efficiency

QA’s Timekeeping and Payroll software is canned; ergo it can do a lot for you, from computation and filing of taxes, salary deductions, to overall wages and generating reports. The software increases productivity and reduces hours of collecting, calculating, and re-entering data to minutes.

Payroll and Timekeeping Processes can be single-handedly done by one person, therefore you can definitely cut the budget and time in interviewing and hiring additional manpower to do the manual labor of collecting data, filing taxes, and computing wages.

Investing in automated timekeeping and payroll services such as Quadrant Alpha’s software can save you time and energy as well as let you focus on other aspects of your business.


  • Accuracy

With manual timekeeping, lots of inaccuracy may arise and some may even take advantage of this outdated system through “Buddy punching” and time-theft.

QA’s timekeeping software can track your employees’ attendance with ease and precision, thus avoiding errors. It can also detect attendance issues in real-time so you may avoid making it a larger problem within the workforce.

  • Improved bottom-line savings

Acquiring a fully automated timekeeping and payroll system can widely affect your business’ bottom-line savings, avoiding dilemmas such as time-theft, overtime costs, and human error in payroll processing.


  • Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Generating reliable and honest reports can be accomplished with QA’s Timekeeping and Payroll software. This makes it easier for companies to present reports on regulatory committees consistently.


  • Little to no face-to-face interaction

Face-to-face interactions were lessened as a precaution against the pandemic. Since QA’s software is all digital and computer-generated, employees can automatically access their records without the need for them to fix it personally. Employers and HR department can also safely view the employees’ records and create payslips in the comfort of their own homes.


  • Paperless Office Environment

Manual timekeeping and payroll system requires tons of papers and timekeeping sheets. With an automated system, you can reduce the presence of papers in your office. It can also decrease the burden of maintaining paper records.


With Quadrant Alpha working from home is not a problem. Automate your business today and let us be your partner in innovation. Book a demo now!