4 Star Hotel and Restaurant


A 4-star hotel is also one of the partners of Quadrant Alpha. The corporate has been offering warm service and seamless hotel experience throughout its operation in the industry. Due to corporate’s first-class service standards, the group has been awarded a certificate of excellence for three consecutive years by the world’s largest travel community – the TripAdvisor. Along with it, it has reached the different parts of the Philippines offering great facilities and comfortable accommodations for our travelers and fellow Filipinos along and outside the metro. As such, Quadrant Alpha’s office Intranet Management System.

As the expansion continues throughout the years, QA has its way to grow with the organization upon forming the Office Intranet to the group. Quadrant Alpha has connected every workplace as it lets each department to inform and engage with its built in chat box. Office Intranet lets them broadcast message and share news within the organization. More so, there would be no longer struggles upon transferring working files for the corporate because of its viewing and download feature. Moreover, it improves productivity for its forms are already automated to process paper-based forms for collecting and managing data.